A Master Plan For
Healing and Trauma

Funding from the Sanctuary capital campaign will expand non-residential services for women and children. This new center will also be designed as a proper safe haven for women escaping domestic situations.  Additional space will provide more showers and restrooms, a larger laundry facility, a dedicated area for children, private counseling offices, and a room designed to host classes.
Your donations to this campaign will transform more lives at Sanctuary Women’s Development Center. The support of the community helps the cause and values we champion: providing dignity-affirming services to all in Oklahoma City.
Donors and volunteers make our work possible. Our community needs our help, and we need yours.
​Expanded space and services to double the number of women and children we serve.
Counseling, advocacy and education all in one dedicated place with architectural safety measures.
Mindfully designed and dedicated to clinical counseling and children's trauma services.
A kitchen with an adjacent food pantry will provide efficient space and storage.
An enclosed outdoor area will also feature an area specifically for children.
The redesign will provide additional parking spaces with more secure access to the facility.